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Welcome to Toader – A Home for Toad in the Hole


Follow this link if you want to enter the Open Market Open Toads Comp

Introduced to Toads by Jen Left, the magnificent landlady at the Hand in Hand in Kemptown, we decided to start a Brighton & Hove Toad League and create Toader.

Toader is a hub that players can use to register teams, enter in to leagues, create their own leagues, and keep their scores and league results.

We are also working on a scoring app that we aim to integrate with the website, so that scores can be entered live in play and automatically updated.

Our inaugural season for the Brighton & Hove League 2021/22 concluded in March 2022.

Popularity has grown since since the first season, we now have 2 leagues of 8 teams and will be expanding to 3 leagues for the 2024/25 season

If you just want to play, here is a list of the venues around town that have tables to play on.

If you wish to enter a team, start a new local league, need a custom built toad table, toad coins, repairs, have any suggestions or enquiries, get in contact here