2023/24 Team Registration

Thanks for your interest in playing in the 2023/24 Brighton & Hove Toad in the Hole League

Please make your team entry below. You will receive a link within 24 hours to your Team Page, where you will be able to add and edit players.

Minimum number of players for entry is 4, maximum is 10.

Please take time to read the league rules here

Entry fee is £25 for the season for each team.

For a featured Venue Page there is a £25 annual fee, this includes map and venue details with social links.

Payment details will be sent to the Team Captain

  • Enter the name of your Team
  • Enter Home game Venue, if not listed select 'TBC'
  • Please enter the name of the home team Venue
  • Team Captain Name

    Enter the Name and contact details for the Team Captain
    • Contact Number
  • Team Players

    Each Team must have a minimum of 4 players registered, maximum of 10. Once a player is registered for a team they cannot play for another team in the same season once the season league has started
    • Nominated Vice Captain
  • If you would like any other information please enter here