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Site Update

We’re starting the process of updating the website over the next few weeks.

For now, new user registrations are disabled while we deal with those pesky bots.

Toss True x

League Update

Hi All

This years leagues have been great, thanks to all venues, captains and mostly you lot, the players for making it so enjoyable.

Latest news, we have had a number of enquiries regarding new teams joining the league next season. If we get the right numbers, we’re thinking of making it two leagues of eight teams. This may or may not happen, so we’ll keep the promotion and relegation playoffs this season in case we don’t get the required 4 extra teams. If we do, then the two league 2 promotions will join the existing 6 teams in league 1, all new teams will join league 2.

A link to entry forms will be posted towards the end of April, first 16 teams registered. Season will run from end of September to end of March with a break over Christmas for the usual festive shenanigans.

Keep tossing



League 2 Update

We now have a couple of late entries for League 2. Please welcome Village and the Wooden Spoons (venue to be confirmed)

Fixtures for 7th Dec have been updated, the remaining fixtures will be updated next week.

The end of the season will now be a little busy for the league 2 teams, so the knockout competition has been cancelled for now.

Keep tossing

Peace and Love

2023 Team Knockout Cup

  • Update – Now postponed

We’re adding a 16 team knockout tournament for the new year, Teams of 4, League rules (here)

Open for league and non-league teams, all abilities welcome. Matches to be played at venue of home team draw for the first 2 rounds, then neutral venues for the semis and final.

First round games 25th January 2023. Then fortnightly.

Free to enter for all teams.


Season 2022 / 23

Hi All

I know it’s a couple of months until October, but I am looking to get all teams registered (existing and new) before the last week of September. This is so I have enough time to sort out the fixtures. Looking to start the first games on Wednesday 12th October

To make my admin life a little easier, could all existing teams let me know their Team Name, Team Captain, email, phone number, and venue.

Could any teams that would like to register for the new season please do the same.

I can then set up a page for each team where the captain can add each of the players in that team, and hopefully add logos and team colours etc.

Please send to (please check spam folder for reply)

Peace and Love Tossers! x

Season Finale

For some us it’s the last game of the season. What a blast it’s been!
There’s still a couple of games to be caught up from the covid break for others.
The plan is for the last rescheduled match at the Hand in Hand on weds 6th April.
All teams are invited along for a trophy presentation after the game.
Toss well